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  • The DSIDC Annual Conference - Presentations Now Available

    The theme of this year’s conference was young onset dementia – a syndrome that effects people younger than 65 and about 4000 people in Ireland.   


  • Specialist Care Units for People with Dementia in Ireland: A Guide for Family Caregivers and Health Service Professionals

    Designed to provide details of where Specialist Care Units for people with Dementia are located in the Republic of Ireland


  • What is Dementia?

    Dementia is a broad term used to describe a group of symptoms. These include impairment in memory, intellect, judgment, language, insight and deterioration in social skills. 

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  • Education Programme

    DSIDC Promotes an awareness of dementia by providing education and training to health care practitioners.  We enable participants to increase knowledge and skills and develop attitudes which enhances their ability to provide the best possible care

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Research into dementia and dementia care management is one of several academic activities which Dementia Services Information and Development Centre currently undertakes.
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We are the longest established dementia-specific training and education service in Ireland – our history dating back to when the Centre was first established by the Department of Health in 1999.  We deliver high quality training and education underpinned by on-going quality improvement.  more >


The DSIDC regularly hosts conferences, seminars and workshops often involving international dementia care experts bringing state of the art practitioners and researchers experiences to an Irish audience.  Several of these events are held free of charge and are advertised on this website.  Papers from more recent DSIDC hosted events can be downloaded.  more >

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